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How clean is the indoor air quality in your business?

Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Protect Your Employees & Customers

A modern healthy building improves the confidence and productivity of the people who use it while also optimizing energy efficiency. The components of indoor air quality — ventilation, relative humidity, filtration and pressurization — is also the starting point for a healthier building. Every building has these functions, but they may not be optimized for building health.

Your building’s air quality should be frequently checked and optimized to comply with industry regulations and guidelines, especially in times of change. Honeywell’s building management products and along with Building Technology Systems can help you improve your building’s air quality to help create a healthier environment for occupants while achieving your efficiency goals.

Is Your School Return-Ready?

Healthy Building Nurture Safer Learning Environments

Make Building Air Quality A Key Performance Indicator

Checklist to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Manage air flow

Proper air exchange can dispel odors, chemicals and CO2, while balancing use and reducing disease transmission. Find out how our actuators and economizers can bring in the right amount of fresh air based on environmental conditions and meet school building regulations.

Control temperature

Maintaining proper temperatures in your building not only improves occupant comfort but can also potentially help reduce the growth and spread of many pathogens. Find out how our wall modules and commercial thermostats can optimize temperatures in your schools.

Balance humidity

High humidity levels can promote the growth of bacteria and mold and create an environment where dust mites can thrive. Lower humidity creates other concerns like dry, itchy skin, transmission of viruses and irritation of the upper respiratory system. Humidity sensors can help to manage and maintain optimal humidity levels for your school.

Control and change room pressurization

Adjust and maintain proper air flow and room pressurization to achieve efficient recirculation within a space and improve air exchange for a healthier environment. Learn how we can provide proper pressurization in critical spaces, including restrooms and nurses’ stations.

Improve air filtration, detect and remove contaminants

Controlling bacteria, pollen, pollutants and other contaminants can be done with proper filtration. Find out how our electronic air cleaners help remove particles before they circulate throughout your facility.

Help clean with UV light treatment

Ultraviolet (UVC) energy inactivates many viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms so they are less likely to replicate and potentially cause disease.

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