Global Plasma Solutions – Indoor Air Quality

How clean is the indoor air quality in your business?

Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Protect Your Employees & Customers

Proven to inactivate SARS-COV-2 virus by 99.4% within 30 Minutes!

COVID Air Ionizer System Now Available for Your Business

NBPI (Needlepoint BiPolar Ionization) cleans the air by killing bacteria & inactivating viruses making it safe & healthy. This technology works in ANY building and is easily installed by our team!

GPS is the only indoor air quality solution that delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy without producing ozone or other harmful by-products. It is the safest option for your employees, customers, and business.

• Maintenance free and self-cleaning system
• Proven to inactivate the Corona Virus by 99.4% within 30 minutes
• Cleans the air by inactivating viruses and killing bacteria
• Hospital-grade technology
• Works with any existing HVAC system
• Reduces particles, neutralizes odors, kills pathogens, and saves energy

Bringing Schools & Universities Back to Life White Paper

With the world-wide pandemic of SARS-Cov-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), we need to think about how we can get back in to the classroom.

Particle Reduction for Clean Air

GPS reduces airborne particles such as dust, dander, smoke, and pollen. The ions attach to the airborne particles and are attracted to one another, effectively increasing their mass and size. The air filtration system easily captures the larger particles, increasing the capture efficiency of your HVAC system.

Pathogen Reduction for Safe Air

During the GPS cleaning process, the NPBI technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores, and bacteria. The ions steal hydrogen from the pathogens effectively killing them and leaving you with clean and healthy indoor air.

Odor Reduction for No More Smells

During the cleaning process, odors are broken down into basic harmless compounds, leaving the air in your business fresh smelling and free of odor causing VOCs.

Energy Savings and Environmentally Focused

GPS’ environmentally friendly cleaning process allows commercial buildings to significantly reduce the amount of outdoor air required to operate. This produces a safer and more comfortable environment that uses up to 30% less energy.

Protect Your Customers & Employees

Building Technology Systems can help businesses remove viruses from indoor air including COVID-19!